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Special Offer for Thames Valley Tool Hire customers using our new Iver Branch.

Thames Valley Tool Hire have a very special offer for our customers to celebrate the opening of their new and enlarged Iver depot (for September & October 2018 only).

We would like to offer any of our customers hiring plant (and popular hire items) from the Iver depot either:

  • Free of Charge delivery & collection OR
  • 2 days hire for the usual 1 day rate OR
  • An extra 10% hire discount.
  • You choose!

For more details on the special offer please contact Anthonie at our Iver depot  on 01895 236 537 or use the contact form Contact us here .

Alternatively come and have a coffee with us at the new depot and we can discuss your requirements.

You can find details of the new Iver depot here –

The Special Offer Terms and conditions are as follows:

  • You must be an existing customer of Thames Valley Hire Services Ltd
  • The offer extends to both cash and account customers using the Iver branch
  • You must advise us IN ADVANCE of the hire, which Special Offer option you require.
  • Popular hire items include:

Plant, towers, staging, acrow props and strongboys, trestles & boards, cement mixers, compactor plates, breakers,  genie lifts and beam lifters,  pressure washers, dehumidifiers, bench tile saws, heaters, rotavators & garden machinery,  petrol cut off saws & transformers.

  • We will extend the offer to additional equipment if you are hiring for a minimum of one week.
  • All hires are subject to our standard Hire Association Europe (HAE) terms and conditions – click here to view

Full details of Thames Valley Hire Services on


Installing The Motorised Integral Blinds for Bifold Doors

Having fully motorised blinds for bifold doors in a moving or window or door frame is something a lot of clients have avoided in the past. The nice thought of having Radiant Blinds units in a blinds for bifold doors without a magnet or battery pack permanently sitting on the glass surface is often negated by the thought of looping cables from door-to-door and leaving exposed wiring between the profiles when the doors are open. Radiant Blinds can offer a nice, tidy, relatively simple solution to this problem and now have a growing list of clients who have successfully hard-wired the units in to bifold doors.

Radiant Blinds can supply wireless contacts which are pretty simple to wire up and connect as well as being subtle and good looking by design; sitting in the profiles between the doors to allow power to flow through the door when they’re closed. The doors can then open and fold up freely without any worries over exposed cabling getting damaged or looking messy.

The contacts are so neat to look at that one will hardly notice they are there as well as having spring-mounted prongs to ensure contact is maintained even allowing for a small amount of variance over time as the doors are open and closed. Radiant Blinds can provide dimensions and wiring diagrams at the point of order making them simple for their technician to install and allowing the necessary wiring preparations can be made around the door frame prior to the door being installed.

Call 0208 390 8755 or visit now to ask Radiant Blinds for a quotation or technical information.


Radiant Blinds Supplies and Installs Conservatory Blinds


Radiant Blinds has been supplying and installing a wide range of conservatory blinds for conservatory roofs and sides for many years.

Conservatories in the United Kingdom have been one of those desired structures when undertaking any building work or renovations. Generally, they are an easy way to add some extra space. This could be a entertainment area, dining area or an extra sitting room. Alternatively it could just be study room. For the most part, one important element that is often overlooked are Conservatory Blinds.

Why do you need conservatory blinds?

Conservatory blinds reduce the heat and glare during hot, sunny days. Additionally they provide a form of winter insulation. They can make your room usable throughout the whole year. It’s not until you actually have a conservatory that you discover how hot it can get in the height of summer. Therefore many customers find it is not only stylish but also necessary.

Most Conservatory Blinds are Pleated Blinds. These folding fabric style blinds are great for roofs. They can be made square to triangular. In addition, they can be made into lots of different shapes to match the roof panels. You can have complete control over which blinds to have closed or opened. Why have them all closed if the sun only affects part of it? The side blinds can be made out of the same fabric to match. Alternatively Radiant Blinds can offer you a different style of blind for the sides to add contrast. These can be Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds or even Plantation Shutters.

At Radiant Blinds, they can offer you a whole range a Conservatory Blinds no matter the size. They can even supply and install Motorised Conservatory Blinds. You can operate them at the touch of a button.

If you have a lean-to style roof then you should also consider an external solution. For example, One big blind that will roll downwards covering all the panels with a single blind.

For more help or information for all Conservatory Blinds call Radiant Blinds on 0208-390-8755.

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This Week Is National Gardening Week

Let us all hope that the weather will be fine for this week’s National Gardening Week – from Monday 13th April to Sunday 19th April.

On Friday 17th of April it’s National Open Gardens Day, with the noble goal of raising awareness of the diversity, richness and cultural value of the United Kingdom’s gardens. Locally, the following will offer free entry on Friday,

Slightly further afield, there are some wonderful gardens to visit:


The English Sunday Roast: A Short History


A Sunday roast is what you’ll be thinking about when it comes to British dining and one of the first things which springs to mind. Also often referred to as Sunday dinner, Sunday lunch, Sunday tea, Roast dinner, etc., the origins of the Sunday beef roast are not exactly clear. Some maintain that the concept was started during the days of the industrial revolution, while others maintain that the tradition stretches all the way back to medieval times.

It’s safe to assume that this tradition has its roots in ancient practices, especially given the English people’s love of beef. For example, the term “beefeater” (of which you’ll find a number of other historic English-derived items bearing the same name) is a famous title for the Yeomen Warders which were formed in 1485 by King Henry VII. As it is often said, during the 15th century, these guards would dine on fresh roasted beef on Sundays after church service (often consuming leftovers for the rest of the week as well). Similarly, there is the notion of village serfs being treated to oxen roasted on a spit after church services and battle training were complete (perhaps as a reward from the nobility of the day).

Some maintain that the English Sunday roast as we know it developed out of practices employed during the industrial age. As it is said, many Yorkshire families might pop a roast into the oven before they left to go to church knowing that by the time the returned, their meal would be cooked and ready. For all intents and purposes, this seems to be an idea which holds credence to the modern iteration of the Sunday roast. For instance, when we consider that one of the staple side dishes of the Sunday dinner, Yorkshire pudding, was developed sometime around 1737 (which also seems to directly precede the date when the industrial revolution began, somewhere around 1760).

Additionally, chicken, lamb or pork are also alternate popular choices for beef as well as duck, goose, turkey or game animals (which are often featured seasonally). As far as the vegetables are concerned, they’re usually roasted, but steaming and boiling were also popular, particularly among those who like to cook at home or those who might be somewhat health conscious. Naturally, potatoes are a featured item, but carrots, broccoli, green beans, cabbage and turnips are also popular choices.

In modern times, the Sunday roast has become regularly common and is routinely chosen for lunch or dinner, seven days a week. Even if you’re not into home cooking, all you need to do is drop into an English restaurant or pub on Sunday and chances are that a nice roast dinner will be the featured item on the menu.


The Oldest Fridge In The UK?

“Bloody marvellous”. Is this really Britain’s oldest working fridge?

The record, established in summer 2010 as being 56-years-old, has been broken by a GE fridge purchased in Malaya (now present-day Malaysia) in 1952 and is still going strong 62 years on.

The General Electric (GE) fridge was purchased by the Stogdale family to keep baby milk fresh for Doris Stogdale’s new addition, David, who was born in Malacca while the family was overseas working.

Today, in Oxford 62 years later, Doris Stogdale is still using the same fridge which was shipped back to the UK in 1960.

When ITV’s Daybreak heard about her amazing fridge — which has been in continuous use and has never required any maintenance, nor a single replacement part — they wanted to get Doris on the show.

Doris loved it too much to ever part with it even though she was offered a trip around the world and an ultra-modern new fridge in exchange for her durable working antique “icebox”.


Evergreen Landscaping in Ottershaw Surrey

Evergreen Landscaping is a family business based in Virginia Water who has been providing gardening services in the area for over 27 years. Evergreen Landscaping pride themselves in providing solutions to all your landscaping problems in Ottershaw Surrey- slopes, shade, drought, poor, wet or eroding soils.

Lawn maintenance in Ottershaw Surrey is something that must be done at the right time to ensure the quality grown. Evergreen Landscaping take care of your lawn and apply the right products at the right time. They are fully insured to provide treatments for your lawn.

Should you wish to indulge your creative dreams and design a new garden in Ottershaw Surrey or enhance your existing garden in Ottershaw Surrey, Evergreen Landscaping work with their clients to create that dream garden – they can incorporate many garden features including ponds, upright stones, statues, and granite insets etc. Garden design in Ottershaw Surrey is about teamwork and Evergreen Landscaping pride themselves in working with their clients in Ottershaw Surrey as a team.

Tree maintenance in Ottershaw Surrey is necessary to ensure proper growth of your tress and the plants around them. Evergreen Landscaping provide full tree surgery and maintenance in Ottershaw Surrey .

Security fencing may be necessary to protect your garden from intruders in Ottershaw Surrey – perhaps deer from around the Great Park and the many Crown Estates around the area. Security Fencing can in wood, metal and concrete.

Contact via their website for more details about they can help your with all your gardening in Ottershaw Surrey and landscaping services in Ottershaw Surrey.