Heathrow Air Ambulance Private Ambulance Service in Ottershaw, Surrey

private ambulance vehicles and emergency fast response cars

Heathrow Air Ambulance Service (HAA) medical transport services provides a UK and European wide commercial proven private ambulance service. We task our private ambulance vehicles and emergency fast response cars to Ottershaw, Surrey and throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Europe on a daily basis.

HAA operates vehicles that are custom built to our own very high standards by a major US ambulance manufacturer. Safety features within our medical transport vehicles exceed the KKK Standard, recognised as the best in the world. All of these have air-conditioning and full life-support equipment which are always being updated. These vital ground medical transport vehicles are used to link aircraft and hospital, front line emergency work for NHS Ambulance Trusts and are widely used for longer journeys in all of Europe.

Please contact us at HAA for more details on how best we can help you in Ottershaw, Surrey.

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