The Oldest Fridge In The UK?

“Bloody marvellous”. Is this really Britain’s oldest working fridge?

The record, established in summer 2010 as being 56-years-old, has been broken by a GE fridge purchased in Malaya (now present-day Malaysia) in 1952 and is still going strong 62 years on.

The General Electric (GE) fridge was purchased by the Stogdale family to keep baby milk fresh for Doris Stogdale’s new addition, David, who was born in Malacca while the family was overseas working.

Today, in Oxford 62 years later, Doris Stogdale is still using the same fridge which was shipped back to the UK in 1960.

When ITV’s Daybreak heard about her amazing fridge — which has been in continuous use and has never required any maintenance, nor a single replacement part — they wanted to get Doris on the show.

Doris loved it too much to ever part with it even though she was offered a trip around the world and an ultra-modern new fridge in exchange for her durable working antique “icebox”.

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