Patio Awnings and Awnings in Ottershaw

Whether for your home or for your business, deansblinds.co.uk will have the right awnings product for you in Ottershaw.

Spanning three centuries, Deans is a business name which is synonymous with patio awnings and various types of canopies. The name says it all and we have been manufacturing and installing with patio awnings and awnings in Ottershaw since 1894! Whether for your home or for your business in Ottershaw,  Deans Awnings will have the right product for you in Ottershaw – awnings, patio awnings, restaurant awnings, cafe awnings in Ottershaw, awnings for business, shop awnings, school awnings in Ottershaw. Deans Awnings don’t try to offer one stop shops in Ottershaw for everything we just do what it says in our name – we manufacture and install awnings and their associated accessories in Ottershaw  – patio awnings and  awnings of all types.

Deans Awnings and Blinds are pleased to be listed on Great Park Portal.


Please refer to the following Deans pages,

For patio awnings: http://www.deansblinds.co.uk/catalogue/section/1/Patio-awnings-and-external-sunblinds-for-the-home/

For patio canopies and external sun blinds: http://www.deansblinds.co.uk/patio-awnings.html

For awnings of various types: http://www.deansblinds.co.uk/awnings.html

For garden canopies: http://www.deansblinds.co.uk/garden-canopies.html

For awnings for cafes, restaurants, and pubs: http://www.deansblinds.co.uk/catalogue/section/9/Restaurant_Awnings_and_Pub_Awnings/

For commercial blinds, canopies, and awnings for schools: http://www.deansblinds.co.uk/catalogue/section/2/Commercial_Awnings_including_awnings_for_schools_and_restaurants,_/

For Traditional Victorian awnings: http://www.deansblinds.co.uk/catalogue/product/2/7/The_Traditional_Deans_Victorian_Awning/

For Markilux products for which Deans is the licensed distributor and installer: http://www.deansblinds.co.uk/markilux-awnings.html

For all weather awnings for schools: http://www.deansblinds.co.uk/catalogue/product/2/31/All-Weather-retractable-cover-for-Schools/

For automatic or electrical awnings: http://www.deansblinds.co.uk/catalogue/autocontrols.html

For electric blinds, blackout blinds, and other commercial blind types: visit here or at deans-electric-blinds.co.uk.


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